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June 25-26, 2016 Frank's Tract Regatta
The "Frank's Tract" Regatta is basically a team race between yacht clubs; however, there is a secondary competition among individual boats. The Frank's Tract Tractor PERPETUAL is awarded to the winning club. A secondary competition awards trophies to the individual fastest boats. All Entrants need to belong to a yacht club. See NOR and SI for details. Boats entered as part of the yacht club team are automatically entered in the individual secondary competition.

August 13-14, 2016 Annual "Island to Island" Race

NOR, SI, Entry form and other event documents will be posted when available.

September 10, 2016 - Annual DCR Race

This is a longer-than-normal race in rememberance of a very active former< member David Crawford. The course is typically disclosed on race day and tends to be 2-3 times longer than our typical Frost Bite and Spring Regattas.

NOR, SI, Entry form and other event documents will be posted when available.

Misc Club Forms Follow:

Safe Boating Day 2016 Flyer
Andreas Cove Yacht Club in partnership with Brannan's Island Time Marina and the United States Coast Guard Auxilliary is once again sponsoring a Free "hands on" Seminar for members and Brannan's Island Time Marina renters.
In order to help our club as well as the US Coast Guard Auxilliary plan for this event (there are handouts to be printed) and to plan for those who may desire to share in the (optional) luncheon, we are requesting an RSVP. The form is available here and may be printed and mailed in or submitted electronically. Select the file format that works best for you.
Registration form in PDF
Registration Form in Excel 97
Registration Form in Excel 2010

Club Race Entry Form
This form is used for club regattas such as "Spring Series" etc. It is currently available as a PDF. At this time you have to print it and fill it in manually. In the near future we hope to re-code this document to (optionally) permit filling in and saving locally and (optionally) submitting online to the race committee.

ACYC Race Courses
Unless otherwise stated in a Notice of Race, for all ACYC "local" races we use the race courses defined herein. Race course maps and descriptions are available in either MS Word(.doc) or PDF format.

ACYC Race Starting with AirHorn
Signalling for ACYC Club Races that uses Flags for "visual" signal with an air horn" for the "audible" signal.

ACYC Race Starting with Shotgun
Signalling for ACYC Club Races that uses Flags for "visual" signal with a shotgun for the "audible" signal.

ACYC Racing Rules
Racing Rules used for club regattas.

PHRF Ratings
YRA Northern California PHRF Ratings used for club regattas. Last updated 25may2012

ACYC Membership Application
ACYC Club membership application available in MS Excel or PDF format.

ACYC Membership Flyer
Membership advertising flyer (1 page). Good for handing out to folks that might be interested in us.

ACYC Club Burgee Oder Form
Our club burgee order form is available as MS Word or PDF format.

The Rabbit Racing Start Procedure
One way to start a race without a Committee Boat and without the use of flags is called a "Rabbit Start". Here is a description of this procedure available as: MS Word or PDF